Gleason Family Y raises funds, glasses at Stone Path Malt

Oct 11, 2021

Rather than a more formal fundraiser, the Gleason Family YMCA’s annual event was held this year at Stone Path Malt, complete with charcuterie boxes, beer and cornhole.

The Sip & Support event, held on Oct. 8, was held to raise money for the YMCA’s annual campaign, which provides financial assistance to those who need help affording access to the Y. 

Director Debbie Fringuelli said that so far, the Wareham Y has raised $140,000 of the $180,000 it needs.

Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the YMCA has taken on a number of new roles in Wareham: providing emergency childcare for essential workers, handing out hot meals to seniors and the homeless, distributing fresh produce, and helping children with their online schooling. 

“The Y has gone from gym and a swim to community support,” said Cathy Longfield, the Y’s Special Events director. “We’re grateful for all the people who stuck with us.”

While the Y was not open for working out for parts of the pandemic, it was offering community support throughout.

“Our doors were always open in one way or another,” Fringuelli said.

The event sold out completely, with all 100 charcuterie boxes — filled with goodies like proscuitto, cheeses, grapes, and chocolate — enjoyed by guests while Harry French played music.

“Tonight is more of a celebration,” said Fringuelli. “By being here, people are supporting the Y.”

The event also featured a silent auction, a wine pull, and other mystery prizes. One event included a balloon pop – inside the balloon was a bead, the color of which corresponded to a prize.

All the prizes and auction items — ranging from a gift bag full of coffee to a signed baseball to a pair of plane tickets to Nantucket — were donated.

“Our community has been super generous to us,” Fringuelli said.

Fringuelli said that the event wouldn’t be possible without the help of her staff.