A good man gone too soon

Mar 25, 2020

Mary Rose is the oldest resident of Wareham, and has lived in Onset her whole life. She submitted this letter in remembrance of Corey Andrews, who passed away earlier in March.

To the Editor:

I was so heartbroken to read that my friend Corey Andrews has gone to Heaven last week. Yes, I truly believe that is where he is, not because I am Catholic, but because that is where all good people go who were always thinking about others’ welfare in the world around them. Anyone here in Onset will tell you “Go see Corey, he will help you.” Corey was a good man. This covid-19 virus hindered the ability of many of us to pay our respects and say simply “Thank You.”

In the old days, Corey was always so busy in his own work but found time to help others. I know what the old days are because I am 105 years old now and do a lot of remembering. Corey always came with his tractor and plowed many driveways real early in the morning during snowstorms. We did not have to ask and he never took any money. Real generosity seeped in his veins. He sensed community needs and jumped right in to help.

Through the years, he kept history alive for all of us, too. We just cannot imagine a summer going by and not being able to wave to Corey driving proudly by. He drove his antique cars, all shined up, down Onset Avenue and tooted his “arrr-goo-gahh” horn and wave. 

Oh, Corey, we will all miss you. Thank you for being such a vibrant and loving soul… I will pray for you daily.

Mary V. Rose

Onset, MA