Green, gold and mischief at Wareham Elementary School for St. Patrick’s Day

Mar 22, 2022

Kids at the Wareham Elementary School were decked out in their best green and gold on Thursday to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. And so was the school, with display cases full of art and decorations adding seasonal flair to lockers. 

But inside classrooms, different creatures had left their mark: Leprechauns.

Many students across grade levels built ingenious traps for the tricky little guys in green, using gold for bait. Unfortunately, the leprechauns were too wily to be caught in the traps for long, but they made their presence known by scattering green grass, gold coins and necklaces around classrooms and making quite the mess in the process. 

Nicole Roberge, a preschool teacher, got to school Thursday morning to find her classroom strewn with gold and green — and her students were just as shocked as this reporter. One student who doesn’t tend to be chatty walked in and, in disbelief, said “What happened?!”

Even Trina — the classroom’s large stuffed triceratops — was tipped on her side, and tiny green footprints were left near some of the traps.

Here are some highlights from the day: