Hero’s Circle dedicated by Wareham veterans

Nov 7, 2019

Those headed to the National Cemetery in Bourne will now pass through Heros Circle, dedicated today at a ceremony led by Wareham veterans and officials. Bob Powilatis, the Commander of the American Legion and President of the Friends of the Wareham Veterans, introduced the ceremony, and the Onset Bay Association’s Kat Jones sang the national anthem. 

Brad Holmes, a veteran who was a prisoner of war during World War II and served again during the Korean War, spoke during the ceremony, and extended gratitude to all veterans.

“All I can say is welcome to the Heros Circle,” Holmes said, to applause.

Now, each entrance to the rotary is outfitted with a sign reading “Hero’s Circle: Land of the Free Because of the Brave.”

Last year, a monument was erected and dedicated near the circle to all veterans. The memorial is a granite obelisk topped by an eagle sculpture. “To all who served in defense of our nation” is engraved in stone.

Rep. Susan Gifford, along with Rep. Randy Howard of Sandwich and Rep. David Vieira of Falmouth, read a congratulatory citation dedicated to the Friends of the Wareham Veterans Council for their dedication and leadership in designing and bringing the monument to fruition on behalf of the Massachusetts House of Representatives.