At the high school, the awards go to...

May 25, 2023

Wareham High School junior Koral Davis took home the biggest prize at the high school’s underclassman awards ceremony on Thursday, May 25.

She won the Stephen A. Stone Scholarship, which gives $40,000 to a junior “who, for reason of family background or circumstances, might not have contemplated education after high school.”

Principal Scott Palladino said that Davis is “a quiet leader.”

“Hardworking, dedicated, with a creative mind,” Palladino said, listing off traits that made Davis deserving of the award. “Strong in academics, having a positive attitude and the ability to multitask.”

Davis, who is in the high school choir, Creative Writing Club and Viking Theater Company, plans to pursue acting and writing further in college. When she becomes a senior this fall, she wants to take dual enrollment classes at Bridgewater State University. 

Palladino also gave awards to the Gold Scholars — the 10 highest-performing students — in the freshman, sophomore and junior classes.

The freshman Gold Scholars were Priscilla Ross, Landon Stewart, Marina Kouta, McKenna Duggan, Jeffrey Poirier, Jolee Anderson, Samantha Baptiste, Samantha Bumpus, Camden Morrison and Kailee Rose.

The sophomore Gold Scholars were Zora Andrews, Teagan Baptiste, Felicity Disola, Jayla Fernandes, Aidan Jones, Emma McWilliams, Ethan Potito, Lain Potter, Charlotte Roy and Emma Sylvia.

The junior Gold Scholars were Brooklyn Bindas, Caitlyn Cavacas, Stoney Ferry, Eliza Hough, Julia McDuffy, Keira Pierre, Isabella Rodrigues, Woody Salem, Malachi Samuels and Kiley Sullivan. 

Sophomores Xavier Zahara and Lain Potter, and juniors Elijah Place and Woody Salem, received awards for perfect attendance. Salem has not missed a day school since 2020 and Potter has not missed a day of school since 2019.

Many other students received awards for their academic achievements. 

The full list of award winners is attached. 

The senior awards ceremony will be held at the high school auditorium on Thursday, June 1 at 6 p.m.