Judge denies preliminary injunction aimed at pausing Littler Harbor sale

Jun 8, 2022

The preliminary injunction filed last week asking for the courts to stop the sale of Little Harbor Country Club was denied in a hearing yesterday, those involved say, as the sale had already occurred, making the injunction a moot point.

The injunction was requested as part of a lawsuit regarding the town’s purchase of Little Harbor partially using Community Preservation Act funds. A group of residents filed the lawsuit against the Wareham Select Board in late May.

The town had already bought the golf course before Tuesday’s hearing though, so the injunction was denied.

One of the lawsuit’s 11 plaintiffs, Brenda Eckstrom, confirmed Wednesday afternoon that a judge in Brockton Superior Court denied their injunction, which she said she understood was a possibility going into the hearing.

More details about the case can be found in our story here.