Land’s End concerts offer music ‘tailored’ to the community

Jul 20, 2021

Although performers adapted to the world of virtual concerts over the past year, there’s still nothing quite like live music, according to Ariadne Daskalakis, director of the Music From Land’s End summer concert series. 

“There’s a special energy in the room with live music,” she said, explaining her excitement in the run-up to the first concert in the 2021 chamber music concert series.

Although people were able to create beautiful things remotely, she said there’s just “no substitute for live performance.” 

Live performance is just what the Music From Land’s End concert series was designed to bring to the area. 

The series began in Wareham in 2012 and has been a summer staple ever since — with the exception of summer 2020, as coronavirus safety concerns made group gatherings unsafe.

This year, the concerts are back and will take place in Wareham, New Bedford and Marion in July and August. The series’s Wareham debut will be on Sunday, July 25, at 3 and 5 p.m. at the Church of the Good Shepherd (located at 74 High St.). 

Daskalakis — who is a violin professor and the newly elected vice president of the Cologne Conservatory of Music and Dance — and her husband, Sebastian Gottschick, perform in the concerts and also select the music that gets played. 

“I think you can compare it to when you’re choosing a meal,” she explained. “If you’re hosting a special event, you want the meal to be perfect for [...] your guests.” 

She said they pick a direction or theme and go from there. 

“We try to pull it together in such a way that it makes sense, that it sticks together well, that it’ll be appealing and rewarding — both for the musicians and for the audience.”

The concerts will feature two sessions. The first will feature Diane Walsh on piano, Ariadne Daskalakis on violin, Sebastian Gottschick on viola and Paige Riggs on cello. The group will perform Mozart’s Quartet in E-flat and Brahms’ Quartet in A.

The second session will feature Cynthia Roberts and Ariadne Daskalakis playing baroque violins, Phoebe Carrai on baroque cello and Sebastian Gottschick playing baroque viola. The musicians will perform works by Haydn, Bach, Frescobaldi and Scarlatti.

During the second session of concerts, Daskalakis said the musicians will showcase the role of historically accurate instruments in concerts. 

“So the strings are made out of animal gut as opposed to synthetic materials, which modern instruments use, and we use different bows, and the instruments are adjusted a little bit differently,” she explained. 

By keeping those details in mind, Daskalakis said the performers are able to achieve a different sound than what is produced by modern instruments. 

“And that sound is very helpful and conducive to bringing that music to life as it was conceived by the composers,” she said. 

Daskalakis said she hopes those who attend the concerts walk away with “a new appreciation for our composer or a new enjoyment for the music that we’re playing.” 

Due to the ongoing pandemic, each 50-minute concert will have spaced seating and limited capacity. To make an advanced reservation, email or call 508-999-6276, ext. 222.

Entrance to the concerts is by donation at the door. 

For more information, additional concert times or to donate, go to