Middle School announces award winners

Apr 10, 2023

A creative optimist, a “model student,” a talented artist and a social studies expert are the Middle School’s award winners for the month of March 2023.

Fifth grader Jasmine-Anne Cruz, sixth grader Elizabella Bryden and seventh grader Kailyn Ostiguy are Students of the Month.

As always, teachers wrote anonymous comments praising the award-winning students.

“Jasmine is joyful, kind, caring and has such a big heart,” one of her teachers wrote.

Another teacher wrote that Jasmine “has a positive attitude and is incredibly creative. She is so much fun to be around, her positivity is contagious.” 

Elizabeth is “a model student who inspires those around her,” one of her teachers wrote.

“Her fun personality and sweet smile make her unforgettable,” another wrote.

“Kailyn is awesome!” One of her teachers wrote. “She is a talented artist and writer.” 

“Whether it be academics or her artistic talents,” another teacher of hers wrote, “her work makes everyone who sees it impressed and ‘wowed.’”

Roberto Luco-Gallardo won the March 2023 Scotty Monteiro Jr. Foundation Award. 

A statement from the Middle School called Luco-Gallardo “a role model student.” 

“He is a student who always has his hand up to answer questions,” the statement read. “He adds an immense amount of background knowledge to our topics (especially his favorite, social studies) and works to make sure his classmates feel included and respected.”

The “Scotty Award,” as it is called, is given monthly by Foundation of the same name. Established in memory of its namesake, a 21-year-old Wareham man who was murdered in 2009, the Foundation’s stated aim is to “stop the violence” by highlighting outstanding youth.