Middle School announces students of the month

Feb 4, 2020

Each month, one student from each grade at the Middle School is selected as student of the month. Teachers nominate students who are responsible, respectful, and thoughtful members of the school community.

The fifth grade student of the month is Dominick Surette, the son of Mark Curley and Sherilynn Surette-Curley. A teacher described Dominick as “a responsible student who cares about his work and how he treats others.” Surette excels in drawing and building, and one teacher said he is a “future engineer.”

The sixth grade student of the month is Samanatha Baptiste, the daughter of Joseph and Christina Baptiste. A teacher said she is “an honor society member who has already stepped up to the plate by offering to volunteer in her free time and help others.” Her teachers value her work ethic and willingness to help her peers.

The seventh grade student of the month is Brendon Tremblay, the son of Jeffrey and Cheryl Tremblay. “Brendon is a wonderful student and person in general,” said one teacher. Another said that Tremblay “always tries his best and strives for perfection.”