Minot Forest Elementary to open in 2021

Apr 9, 2019

The official opening of the Minot Forest Elementary School is scheduled to take place on December of 2021, Selectman Patrick Tropeano announced on Tuesday night.

According to Tropeano, he and the members of the School Building Committee voted for a winter opening as opposed to the fall one due to the lower construction costs.

“Everybody wants the opening in September but it didn't work out this way," said Tropeano "There are certain contractors that are very busy in the summertime. So if we push it past the fall, we get better bids.”

Tropeano is assured that the new academic building will greatly benefit the community.

“It’s coming along and it is really quite a beautiful school, I think everybody is going to be proud of it once it's up and running,” Tropeano said.

Tropeano also reported that a traffic study determined that a traffic light will not be necessary in front of the new building. The school will have two access points — one entrance and one exit — that will help with traffic flow.