A musical night in saltwater country

Nov 14, 2023

Dozens were packed inside the Lucky Goat on Main Street Saturday night to hear the musical stylings of Singer/Songwriter Grace Morrison and her colleague Jackson Emmer.

The theme of the Nov. 11 night was all-things Wareham.

Morrison uses “Saltwater Country” to describe her genre of music, which has been inspired by her experiences growing up in the coastal town. 

Her album by the same name isn’t out yet, but Morrison treated attendees of the Listening Room event to a sneak peak at the songs, including a performance of “Just a Kid on Parkwood Drive” and the work’s titular track.

Attendees were welcome to enjoy the Wareham-inspired sound while also having a taste of Lucky Goat Co-Owner Kendall Peabody’s saltwater country beer, which is a salted Caramel stout, with vanilla and milk sugar.

Two of Morrison’s students, Lily Sorelle and Sophia Sorelle, also performed covers for the audience.

Morrison said although she stopped teaching years ago, she kept on five students, including the girls.

Sophia sang “Karma Police” by Radiohead while playing the guitar and Lily sang “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush while playing the piano.

Attendees of the event were also welcome to purchase some soaps from Pumpkintown Farm, including a Saltwater Country soap, which was made with sea salt, peppermint and water from Parkwood Beach.