Opinion: Indian Mound in desperate need of town funds

Jan 9, 2023

Jan. 7, 2023

To the Editor:

Since Wareham apparently has a bit of extra cash, maybe the streets of a forgotten part of town, the Indian Mound neighborhood in East Wareham, actually part of Onset, can be completely restructured as have several areas of Onset Village. Some streets are just a series of potholes, large and small. This has been the situation for years. About once a year a crew comes around, but throwing asphalt into a hole and padding it down will not fix this. The storm drains are continually clogged, flooding streets and adjacent driveways. Snow plows, when they appear, have consistently plowed up dirt leaving berms at driveways so high that a car scrapes its underside. There are no sidewalks even though school buses stop, children ride bikes and residents walk. One street cuts through from Cranberry Highway to Red Brook Road. Many drivers go too fast and stop sign are ignored. Fire trucks have difficulty turning corners. It seems the the various town committees can find a way to finance projects they want while pleading lack of funds for those they do not support.

R. Becca Britt