Opinion: Invest in eco-friendly energy

Feb 1, 2021

To the Editor:

Did you know that right here in Wareham we have a powerful tool for taking a bite out of carbon emissions and reducing the impact on global warming? Even better, we are not alone. 

There are 24 other towns around us that have been working together on this, and other similar groups around the state.

So, what is it, you ask? It’s the Community Electricity Aggregation Program (CEA). You can learn about it on the website: warehamcea.com

What does it do? Towns join together to buy electricity as a group so there is more purchasing power and we can get a better price per kilowatt hour (kwh).

That’s not even the best part, though. We can choose to sign up for one of 3 tiers. This lets us determine which one makes the best sense economically and environmentally.

The first tier is 10.47 cents per kwh and meets the Massachusetts renewable electricity standards. It is already cheaper than Eversource’s basic rate.

The second tier is 12.24 cents per kwh and will give us electricity, 50% of which is generated through renewable sources like solar and wind.

The third tier is 14.02 cents per kwh and gives us 100% non-carbon polluting renewable energy.

Hmmmm. Adding to your monthly expenses is definitely a consideration, especially for those on a fixed income budget, but paying a little more to allow our children and grandchildren to inherit a habitable planet is HUGE.

So, doing the math, this is what I figure.  If I use an average of 400 kilowatt hours per month, and I sign up for the Local Green 100% option, my monthly bill will go up about $14. Are my grandchildren worth it? You betcha!

Milly Burrows