Prayers requested for Wareham’s oldest resident

May 18, 2020

To the Editor:

I want everyone to know that Wareham's Oldest Living Resident, Mary Rose, is now beginning a very important and final adventure in her life. You all know how I love to share her with you, and now I feel I must do this, too.

This community and people in her life have always mattered deeply to her, and this is a time that you can give back. Please send her prayers so this transition is a blessed one with the angels. No one knows how long this journey will take, but it has started.

When I think of many of you, I remember the love you have shown Mom on many occasions, the hugs and "thank you's" when you meet her, telling me she is Onset's Mother Teresa and relating many kind acts that Mom generously did for many years for those in need of anything. Mom never said "no" to anyone, and she loves to feed people. She makes the best Jag and Linguica!

Yes, Mom is a strong, amazing,loving and inspiring woman of the ages, forever interested in helping others. While she is on this road to her destiny, I, as well as you, I am sure, do not want her to travel alone. Physically, that is the way since the beginning of time.

However, coming together spiritually with prayers can pave that path so I ask humbly for you to please add an extra prayer for her when you commune with your power source each day. Your prayers will help to enhance the strength she needs for this trip that we all undoubtedly will take one day.

Thank you in advance for letting me ask this of you.

Marian June Rose

Daughter of Mary Rose