Redevelopment authority recommends master developer

Mar 18, 2021

After no additional discussion, the Wareham Redevelopment Authority voted on March 18 to recommend that the Board of Selectmen consider Bentley Companies as the potential master developer for the Tremont Nail Factory property.

Bentley Companies, a Rhode Island-based operation, presented its vision for the Tremont site to the Wareham Redevelopment Authority in February.

Bentley Companies’ plan envisions the site with office space, retail establishments and a brewery or restaurant of some sort. The developer’s vision also includes a waterfront community park — complete with a pier, boardwalk and kayak rentals.

The Wareham Redevelopment Authority’s recommendation is another step toward the town’s goal of redeveloping the Tremont Nail property, which was originally built in the 19th century.

Steel cut nails were manufactured on site in the “steel building” as recently as 2006. Wareham bought the Tremont Nail property in 2004 using Community Preservation Act funds, citing its historic importance to the town. Today, the property consists of multiple unused buildings in various states of repair and disrepair.

If the Board of Selectmen votes to begin negotiations with Bentley Companies for the master developer role, that decision would not hinder the town’s negotiation of a host community agreement and lease to use the steel building on the Tremont Nail Factory property to manufacture and package a variety of cannabis products.

The Redevelopment Authority’s vote to recommend consideration of Bentley Companies to the Board of Selectmen was unanimous among the four members present: Ken Buckland, Richard Swenson, Peter Teitelbaum and Judith Whiteside.