Riddle me this: Families hunt for clues and eggs at All American Assisted Living

Apr 8, 2023

The Easter Bunny left a series of riddles lying around All American Assisted Living on Saturday, April 8, and only the most dedicated det-egg-tives were able to sniff out his trail. 

For the third year in a row, the assisted-living facility hosted a scavenger hunt and Easter egg hunt for community members and residents. 

“Residents' families will come with great-grandkids and grandkids,” said Executive Director Nicole Botelho. “It brings generations together.”

As opposed to a regular egg hunt, which often requires families to show up on time to get any eggs, Botelho said a scavenger hunt allows families to start on their own schedule and go at their own pace. 

Each participant received eight cue cards with Easter-themed riddles. The riddles took them around the outside of the facility to different activity stations, such as one for hopscotch or another for egg-and-spoon racing. 

Everyone working at the event was an employee or volunteer at the facility.

Maintenance worker April Barrows said the scavenger hunt model works great for kids “because it makes them think.”

The card Barrows gave out at her station asked participants what item “has teeth but does not eat.” Answer: a rake. 

After the scavenger hunt, participants could get their faces painted, make slime or take a photo with the riddle mastermind himself, the Easter Bunny.