School Committee approves pay increase for substitute teachers

Oct 15, 2021

Substitute teachers in Wareham schools will be getting a bump in pay following a unanimous vote of the School Commmittee on Oct. 14.

“We’re having a very difficult time getting subs, so we took some comparisons of schools in the area,” said Christine Suckow, the district’s business manager.

The pay for a permanent intermittent substitute teacher — people who work at the school any day students are present and cover classes as needed, or support the administration when substitutes are not needed — will go from $97 to $120 per day. Regular substitute teachers will see their pay increased from $92 to $105.

Permanent intermittent paraprofessional substitutes will be paid $95 per day, up from $87. Regular paraprofessional substitute teachers’ pay will increase from $87 to $92.

“This would put us in a competitive place,” said Apryl Rossi.