School Committee seeks $35,000 in transportation funding

Feb 16, 2023

The School District’s transportation woes could be somewhat relieved with $35,000 in town funding, if voters approve it at Town Meeting this spring. 

At its meeting on Thursday, Feb. 16, the School Committee expressed its support for transfering $35,000 from the town to the School Department.

The funds come from the McKinney-Vento Act, a federal law that gives school districts financial assistance to support the education of homeless children. It also reimburses school transportation costs. 

The District has had issues with transportation throughout the school year, including a bus driver shortage that left 30 students on a transportation waitlist. 

Superintendent Dr. Matthew D’Andrea said that Town Administrator Derek Sullivan is supportive of the proposed transfer, and is working with the School Committee and the Capital Planning Committee to have the proposal ready for April’s meeting.

“Mr. Sullivan has always been very supportive of the school,” said School Committee Secretary Joyce Bacchiocchi. 

D’Andrea also wants voters to approve extra funding for new school buses, and is currently working with Sullivan to get this on the Town Meeting agenda.