Selectmen to increase beach parking fines

Jul 22, 2020

Parking illegally at the beach is about to get much more expensive, as the Board of Selectmen plans to raise the ticket price for those parked improperly at resident-only lots from $30 to $100.

The current ticket price is cheap enough that it doesn’t serve as much of a deterrent, the board agreed.

“Frankly, $30, you park all day, that’s a dream come true,” said Patrick Tropeano.

The increased fine would apply to the lots where a resident beach sticker is required to park at Swifts Neck and Little Harbor. Shell Point may be included, although there is a kiosk there. 

The board decided to wait to act as Town Administrator Derek Sullivan is out of the office for a one-time, one-week furlough as part of overall budget-cutting measures across town.

The board will revisit the proposal next week when Sullivan is back.