Selectmen talk Notos, April 10 Town Meeting logistics

Mar 31, 2021

Although it wasn’t on the agenda, the Hospitality, Recreation, and Entertainment District proposed by the Notos Group was a hot topic at the Selectmen’s March 31 meeting.

Leslie Edwards Davis presented the selectmen with a petition against the rezoning with more than 1,200 signatures. For more about the group leading protests and promoting the petition, go to

The meeting quickly grew confusing as Patrick Tropeano and Judith Whiteside said that the district to be rezoned was far smaller than it actually is.

Peter Teitelbaum, although he did not know the exact number of acres involved, was in the ballpark. 

Judith Whiteside then read verbatim from the “Facts” section of the Notos Group’s website, without attributing where she was reading from. That site repeats the falsehood that the district in question is less than 300 acres. In fact, that is the size of the property the Notos Group is in talks to purchase.

Teitelbaum noted that another developer is also in talks to purchase that land, which was the site of the Graziano Redi-Mix Concrete mining operation for years. That developer was not identified, but Teitelbaum described him as “an investment guy up in Boston.”

“If you had read the article, which is about a ten-page article for the warrant, and you had read the facts, those are the facts,” Whiteside said. 

The article itself does not include the acreage of the district, but the actual district is far larger.

Whiteside later corrected herself, giving the actual total acreage of 756 acres.

The district will be up for votes at the April 10 Special Town Meeting.

The meeting will start promptly at noon at Spillane Field. Town Moderator Claire Smith asked people to arrive early to allow time to check in.

Parking will be in the middle school lot, Town Hall lot, and high school lot. Handicap parking will be right behind the batting cages. 

Masks must be worn over the nose and mouth at all times, and social distancing must be maintained. Seating will be appropriately spread out.

The moderator asked those who are feeling sick or are quarantined not attend.

No political buttons, clothing, or signs will be allowed. No beverages or food will be allowed.

Voters are asked to be careful not to damage the field, and to wear soft-soled shoes if possible.