Stone Path Malt makes progress on plans to sell six-packs

Jul 26, 2022

The Select Board granted Stone Path Malt two applications as the local malting company looks forward to selling packs of beer made with its own malt in the future.

Stone Path Malt applied for alteration of premises and package store licenses, which the board approved Tuesday night on conditions of sorting out minor paperwork details. The licenses are part of an effort to make sure the craft malt company can essentially install a cooler in its current location where customers could buy cans of beer to bring home. The licenses are not an attempt to open a package store, Stone Path Malt co-founder St. Jean clarified.

Tuesday night’s approval comes after years of work, St. Jean said. He referenced the fact that Stone Path Malt has worked with the state legislature, as the company is in a unique position of trying to sell beer made with malt produced on the premises to customers to be drunk off premises within the state’s “antiquated” law, he said.

Gov. Charlie Baker signed an act allowing the town to grant Stone Path Malt the additional licenses on March 14, 2022.

Now, St. Jean said the next step is to go to the state’s Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission with Select Board approval in hand.

“At some point I was ... ‘Boy, I didn’t really realize I was opening a Pandora’s box here,’” St. Jean told board members. “That we had to go get a law, get another license.

“But here we are. We did get the law passed.”