Stop & Shop to get alternative energy source

Sep 18, 2019

The East Wareham Stop & Shop will soon be powered in part by a new energy source.

On Wednesday, the Conservation Commission approved an application by Bloom Energy to locate a 250 kilowatt fuel cell generator on the preexisting paved area directly behind the store, located at 2991 Cranberry Highway.

The fuel cell generator is powered by natural gas which flows through the cell and creates electricity through an electrochemical process. There is no combustion involved. 

The representative of Bloom Energy said there is very little fire risk because if the cell shuts down, the flow of gas will stop immediately. He said the cell is clean, reliable, and produces far fewer emissions than typical generators.

Stop & Shop already have these cells at several stores throughout New England, including in Mount Vernon and Peekskill, New York. According to a release announcing the installation of the fuel cell in Mount Vernon in 2015, the cells are part of Stop & Shop’s efforts to be more environmentally friendly and reduce the chain’s carbon footprint.