Students of the month announced for December

Dec 22, 2020

Wareham Middle School has announced its students of the month for December.

The fifth grader of the month is Ingrid Beaudoin. 

“Ingrid is a thoughtful, kind and generous student. She is detail oriented and creative with her art. Ingrid holds herself to a high standard and works hard to reach it,” said one teacher.

Another teacher said that Ingrid offers to help classmates, and is a strong part of the team.

Kylie Seger is the sixth grader of the month.

“Kylie is kind, helpful, gentle, and very patient in class,” said one teacher. “She is hard working, takes pride in producing quality work and reaches for the sky to produce high quality work.”

Another teacher said that Kylie always “reaches for the stars,” and described her as always having a smile on her face.

The eighth grader of the month is Logan Devlin.

“Logan is a resilient and thoughtful member of the classroom,” one teacher said. “He worries about others and can be counted on to get his work done even during these challenging times.”

Another teacher said that Logan enjoys helping his classmates and making sure everyone is comfortable, and described him as a wonderful asset to the classroom.