Students parade through new school for 100th Day

Feb 16, 2022

Students and teachers celebrated the 100th Day of school on Wednesday with an exuberant parade through the new Wareham Elementary School.

Teacher Kerry Snider said the day’s celebrations mark an important number for students in their counting education.

“One hundred is a landmark number for our grade,” she said.

The school has celebrated 100th Day for nearly 30 years, Snider said, as she’s celebrated every year of her 28-year tenure.

Dressed in homemade paper vests, the school’s first graders walked through their new school corridors, past clapping peers and waving teachers as they sang a celebratory song.

“We’ve been working in our classroom, here in the first grade,” students sang to the tune of “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad.”

High school senior Ambur Rose volunteered to help Snider’s class during the parade, coming full circle from the time she celebrated 100th Day herself as a first grader at the old Minot Forest Elementary School.

“It’s nice to be a part of it,” Rose said as she held a first graders hand and led part of the procession around the school’s hallways.

First graders donned homemade paper vests before the parade began, part of a family project Snider said students completed at home. Each vest was adorned with 10 types of 10 items.

Some students taped coins or dry pasta to their vests, while others had slapped on stickers and googly eyes.

One boy had 10 little trophies adhered to his vest’s shoulders.

Rose brought the same vest she had worn as a first grader 11 years ago, covered in stickers and photo clippings.

Snider said after finally having an in-person school year and now being in an entirely new building, the parade felt good.

“The whole year’s been like a celebration,” she said.