Sun, friends and a little ruff-housing at the dog park

Sep 3, 2023

At the Wareham Dog Park on Sunday, Sept. 3, residents chatted and relaxed in the sun.

Their furry counterparts raced around the park, playing with their favorite tennis balls and frisbees while chasing each other.

The heat of the day was made clear when Sage, an Australian Shepherd owned by Bourne’s Jeremy Martin, hopped in the kiddie pool while the water was running to cool off.

Along with Sage, Tillie, an energetic white dog owned by Janie Macauslan, and Shaw, a yellow lab owned by Naomi Stone, had some friendly fights as they played together on the rocks.

Although Jazzy, a shaggy black dog owned by Onset’s Steve Rogers, wasn’t interested in any roughhousing, he was still happy to be a part of it all.

One owner said the park goers will often coordinate times to bring their dogs so they can all play together.