Town begins distribution of free covid tests

Dec 23, 2021

The town has begun distributing its free, at-home covid tests — and the program seems to be a hit so far, as the police distributed their allotment of tests for the day within two hours. 

The town received a total of 7,000 tests in two-packs — meaning there are 3,500 units to be handed out.

Public Health Director Patrick MacDonald said that the town will be handing out a limited number of tests each day at the Wareham Police Department and Onset Fire Station over the next week, with the aim of helping people test themselves before or after Christmas and New Years events. 

“If you need a test immediately and can’t find one, please feel free,” MacDonald said. He said that since the supply of free tests is limited, the town is requesting that only those who can’t otherwise afford tests, are unable to find them in stores or need one immediately take advantage of the program. 

“We don’t want people to just hoard them,” MacDonald said. “We want people to have them and use them.”
The tests come with plenty of instructions, MacDonald said. 

MacDonald said that people should be cautious this holiday season. For some, he said, washing hands and staying socially distant could be sufficient. For others, mask-wearing might be the best measure. 

“Just be careful,” MacDonald said.

Distribution of the tests is planned to happen from roughly 1 to 5 p.m. over the next week, MacDonald said. He advised residents to check the Facebook pages for the Wareham Police Department and Onset Fire to get up-to-date information about test availability.