Town one step closer to creating Wareham Village urban renewal plan

Nov 22, 2021

In the months ahead, the town will be developing an urban renewal plan for Wareham Village. 

The Wareham Redevelopment Authority met with a consultant on Nov. 18 to discuss Wareham Village and explore the various parts and benefits of an urban renewal plan. 

An urban renewal plan is “a strategy for redeveloping and revitalizing substandard, decadent and blighted open areas for residential, commercial, industrial, business, governmental, recreational, educational, hospital or other uses,” according to the state.

Towns with an approved urban renewal plan are able to acquire real estate, including through eminent domain; demolish or rehabilitate structures; and receive grants and loans, among other powers.

After an informational discussion with consultant Emily Innes of Innes Associates, the authority encouraged the town to move forward on the project. 

Innes explained that she was brought in to discuss the “components of a plan” and the “things redevelopment authorities can do with one.” 

She also discussed “what other communities have done.” She has worked on urban renewal plans for communities in Brockton, Fall River and New Bedford. 

Town Planner Ken Buckland said the next step was to go through the procurement process and select someone to actually create the plan. 

The town secured $45,000 in grant funds from the Community Compact Program that will cover at least some of the cost of developing the plan, according to Buckland. On average, urban renewal plans can cost about $75,000 to $120,000, Buckland said. 

Buckland said on Nov. 22 that the town has already received one quote from a consultant who could create a plan for $45,000.