Turn the tide on trash

Apr 12, 2019

Tired of seeing trash and waste around your neighborhood and want to be part of the solution?

Don’t Trash Wareham, a citizen-based group dedicated to litter removal and litter prevention, will host its 5th annual clean up throughout Saturday, April 27 and Sunday, April 28.

Volunteers will help clean the streets, parks, beaches, and playgrounds of Wareham. Throughout the weekend, participants can join the clean-up at any convenient time.

Last year, more than 400 residents joined to clean the town. One of the event organizers, Nora Bicki is positive that more people will sign up to help this year.

“We have new people signing up already,” said Bicki. “Assuming we have all of our volunteers from last year, our goal is to get 500 because it is our 5th year.”

The areas that require the most attention during the clean up include Doty Street, County Road, Besse Park, Minot Avenue, and other sections lacking public residence. Bicki also emphasized the importance of clean beaches.

“We have 54 miles of coastline in Wareham along with many ponds and rivers that have fish, turtles and water fowl in them. We know that trash, such as plastic and styrofoam, gets into the water and can harm or kill the wildlife,” said Bicki.

Don’t Trash Wareham members not only thoroughly clean Wareham every year but also put a great effort to prevent littering. In 2015, after the volunteers gathered 4,600 cigarette butts on the town’s beaches, the Board of Health voted to ban smoking of any kind on Wareham beaches, beach dunes, access points, and waterways. And each year, DTW members go to the local schools to educate students on littering and litter prevention.

Anyone who wants to participate in this year’s clean up should email Don’t Trash Wareham group at donttrashwareham@gmail.com