Upper Cape Tech graduates ‘jump into the game of life’

Jun 2, 2024

The Class of 2024 took its first steps into a big, wide world of opportunity in a graduation ceremony at Upper Cape Cod Regional Technical High School on Sunday, June 2. 

With diplomas in hand and tassels switched from one side of the graduation cap to the other, students threw their caps up into the air in celebration of four years of work and accomplishment. 

While the ceremony honored students’ past achievements and looked ahead to their future successes, the speakers took the time to encourage the Class of 2024 to enjoy the present moment. 

“Today, we’re graduating from high school,” said Valedictorian Bryce Moulding. “Take a moment to let it all sink in.”

Moulding is a Wareham resident, an Eagle Scout and the captain of the cross country team. He will study biomedical engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, said Superintendent Roger Forget. 

Moulding said while planning for the future is important, living in the present and taking chances are crucial for life. 

“Make life meaningful, and take it from me, everything opens up far more when we put fear on the sidelines and jump into the game of life,” he said. 

Fellow Class of 2024 member and Outstanding Vocational Technical Student of the Year Gideon Drury followed Moulding with comments on a similar theme. Drury is a Falmouth resident and graduate of the electronic program who will attend Worcester Polytechnic Institute to study electrical engineering, said Forget. 

Drury said that while the Class of 2024 is full of winners set up for success,” I didn’t come here to talk about winners.” Losing, said Drury, can teach more than winning. 

“Losing is good. Losing is fun. Losing is why I love the Bruins,” he said. 

“Whether you are leaving for medical school, sticking with your co-op job or jumping into another one of the endless possibilities we have prepared for, there will come a time when you lose, and I hope you love it,” Drury said. 

Class Advisor Jennifer McDonald offered the advice that the Class of 2024 should find ways to make themselves useful. 

“Over the past four years, I have enjoyed getting to know each and every one of you for the unique characters that you are,” McDonald said. 

Principal John Greely said, “Graduates, you have clearly developed a deep sense of optimism and confidence for your future. You have earned this day and you deserve this day.”

Greely emphasized the importance of students’ choices at Upper Cape Tech and beyond. 

Superintendent Forget told students that the decision they made to leave their districts to come to Upper Cape has paid off. 

“Graduates, you have an unbound potential. You have come to the crossroad today, reading to take the next steps on your journey,” he said.