Vehicle access to Tobey Hospital moved to High Street

Nov 2, 2020

Those driving to the Emergency Room at Tobey Hospital must now use the entrance located at 43 High Street, as the Main Street entrance is closed due to construction. 

Construction is now well underway on the expanded emergency room, which will dramatically increase the capacity of the busy department.
The current emergency room was built in 1987 to accommodate 15,000 patients each year, and currently sees 30,000 patients annually.

The expanded department was designed to accommodate up to 40,000 patients annually.

The emergency department will be 25,000 square feet, with 27 treatment rooms. Six of those rooms will be designed specifically for those experiencing a mental health crisis or a substance use disorder.

The expansion is a $25 million project.

Hospital officials hope to open the new emergency room in the autumn of 2021.