Verilife’s medical marijuana dispensary operations to move next door

Sep 14, 2021

Verilife, a recreational and medical marijuana dispensary located at 112 Main St., will move its medical dispensary operation to a new location on Main Street, following the Select Board’s approval at a Sept. 14 meeting. 

Verilife applied to move its medical dispensary operations to 106 Main Street — the yellow building next door to Verilife’s current location. The company also requested a name change, so the medical dispensary at 106 Main St. will operate under the name PharmaCann.

Select Board chair Judith Whiteside said the owners of Verilife and soon-to-be PharmaCann had purchased the building at 106 Main St. 

“There’s something like 16 parking [spaces] out back, which will help the parking problems that have been noted,” Whiteside said.

Shelley Stormo, who represented Verilife and PharmaCann, said the dispensary would need to hold a community outreach meeting. She said the company is no stranger to outreach: “We’re a known entity,” she explained in an effort to ease any concerns.

“This will actually improve the experience, we believe, for our medical customers by giving them a private building to purchase [marijuana] — and also more than doubling our available parking,” Stormo said. 

Verilife’s recreational marijuana sales will continue at 112 Main St. 

The Select Board voted unanimously voted to approve the dispensary’s new location and name.