Wareham Girls Tennis earns a spot in State tournament

May 17, 2019

The Wareham School girls tennis team knew it had the talent and experience to win a match against Fairhaven with 4-1 on Thursday.

But it wasn’t handed to Lady Vikings on a platter. They had to earn it.

“All of us have worked so, so, so hard during this season, that I can’t even point out a specific person that made the most improvement,” said team captain Emily Glidden.

Singles players Brooklyn Bindas, Lucy Sullivan, and Giuliana L’Homme had easy victories but it was second doubles team Ariel Lemieux and Mackenzie Brodley that allowed the team to achieve the best win over Fairhaven in many years, according to tennis coach Geoff Swett. After losing a very close first set, the team came back to win the second set, winning the match tiebreaker to give Wareham its fourth point.

With only one loss to Old Rochester Regional this season, the Wareham girls tennis team made it to the 2019 State Tournament.

“With a different group of girls who didn’t work as hard and didn’t care as much, and didn’t have as much team spirit, it would not have worked,” said Swett.

Ever since joining the team, the girls made every experience on the court a moment of improvement. This season marked the second year when the team defeated Bourne — one of their strongest competitors — 5-0 on Wednesday.

“Last year was the first time we won against Bourne in like two decades. That was a huge victory for us,” said Glidden. “This year we thought they were going to be a huge challenge as well, but we ended up winning again.”