Wareham High seniors cruise through downtown for grad parade

May 28, 2021

Sirens filled the air in celebration on Friday afternoon as seniors paraded from the Narrows to the High School to celebrate their upcoming graduation.

Christine Bird and her crew attended the car parade in support of more than one senior — Emily Bird, Abigail Wright and Annabelle Snow, to name a few. 

Christine Bird said she loves the senior car parade. 

“I hope it gets continued every year,” she said. “And the rain held off, thank goodness!”

Christine works at Wareham High School as a substitute and said the class of 2021 was a small class.

“Last I knew, I think it was about 70 [kids],” Christine said. “But I think it’s less than that now.”

She described the 2021 class as “excellent kids — every single one of them. Smart, really smart class.” 

Alex Lambert’s friends and family showed up to support him with a small “2021” banner, a balloon, and a tinsel banner.

Amanda Johnson’s family brought posters from senior night to hold up — with a few extras just in case.

Families along the parade route waved back at grads as they rolled by, honking horns or chatting.