Wareham marijuana retailer moves satellite parking from Water Wizz to Tremont Nail

Jan 8, 2019

Verilife, a medical marijuana dispensary conducting recreational sales in Wareham, has changed the location of its satellite parking lot to be closer to its Main Street location.

Customers originally required to park at Water Wizz on Cranberry Highway will now be allowed to park at the Tremont Nail Factory District on Elm Street where a shuttle service will carry them to and from the store. 

Verilife Executive Director Shelley Stormo said that the smaller lot at Tremont Nail, which is being leased to the company by the town, is more appropriately sized for Verilife’s operations. 

“We’re seeing a very steady flow of customer traffic,” Stormo said. “So we don’t need a parking lot the size of Water Wizz.”

Verilife has been selling medical marijuana to patients since June of 2018 and became the fourth store in the state to sell marijuana for recreational use on Dec. 21. Walk-ins are still not accepted at the location and onsite parking is reserved for medical patients only. 

The store cut its hours late last month to noon to 5 p.m. seven days a week, citing a steady influx of customers. On Tuesday, however, Stormo said Verilife would be expanding hours once again for medical patients only in the coming weeks.

“We want to give them some extra time to get in the door,” she said. 

Numerous other cannabis-related businesses have expressed interest in opening shop in Wareham, including Organa Brands, which is in the process of finalizing its lease with the town.

The Colorado-based company is looking to process marijuana products, such as edibles, at Tremont Nail starting later this year. Recreational sales would not be available at the site.

As Verilife’s shuttle service from the location is only anticipated to run until Jan. 19, it is not expected that the two businesses will interfere with each other. 

“We feel this is a step in the right direction for us,” Stormo said. “Things have gone well so far.”