Wareham Middle School’s November students of the month

Nov 30, 2020

Wareham Middle School has announced its students of the month for November.

The fifth grader of the month is Brayden Pease. Brayden’s teachers describe him as a conscientious student with a “positive attitude toward learning.” Teachers also praised his ability to complete his work and advocate for himself.

“Brayden is a mature fifth grader who cares about the welfare of others,” said one teacher. “He goes above and beyond in his work and attends all the google meets on a daily basis.”

Michael Clements is the sixth grader of the month. Michael’s teachers said he has the “best sense of humor” and noted that he is always smiling and making jokes. 

“Michael works hard in class, helps students who may be afraid of fire drills by offering his headphones (and) doesn't complain when things get difficult,” said another teacher, adding that Michael always wants to try everything.

The seventh grader of the month is Natalia Garcia. Natalia’s teachers said she is an excellent student who participates regularly and has great work ethic. Teachers also praised her creativity and described her as an “effective communicator.”

“Natalia has an outstanding work ethic,” said one teacher. “She tries extremely hard and finishes all of her assignments on time. She always attends live Zoom classes and is not afraid to ask questions for clarification.”