Wareham Middle School announces students of the month

Oct 28, 2020

Wareham Middle School announced its October students of the month.

Amaya Gajeenthan, daughter of Gajeenthan Nageswaran and Marlene Love Ramos Gajeenthan, is the fifth grader of the month.

Amaya’s teachers describe her as a hard-working and responsible student who frequently meets her assignment deadlines. Teachers also praised Amaya’s ability to ask for help or clarification when she needs it.

“Amaya is a model 5th grade student,” said one teacher. “When she is in class, she is enthusiastic and always contributes positively to the class and discussions. She definitely deserves Student of the Month!”

The sixth grader of the month is Tayden DaGraca, the son of Jose DaGraca and Julie Allen-Cavic. 

One of his teachers said Tayden is an eager student and an active participant in class discussions.

“Tayden is a joy to have in class,” said another teacher, who also complimented Tayden’s hard-working and positive approach to both in-person and at-home assignments. “Taking advantage of office hours and every moment of time with his teachers, Tayden's enthusiasm and respectful interactions are reminders to all of us how we can make the best out of a less than perfect situation.”

Landon Whiting, son of Jared Whiting and Danielle DiMarco, is the seventh grader of the month.

Landon’s teachers describe him as a “polite and conscientious student” who strives for excellence.

“Landon has exhibited all the qualities we'd love to see in a student,” said one teacher. “It's such a pleasure to see him on Zoom; he has a wonderful attitude and personality. Without realizing it, he helps his classmates interact with each other while on Zoom, which is not always an easy task.”