Wareham Middle Schooler receives Scotty Award

Nov 3, 2022

Wareham Middle School student Caiden Byron has won the Scotty Monteiro Jr. Award for the month of October 2022. 

The “Scotty Award,” as it is called, is given by the Scotty Monteiro Jr. Foundation. Established in memory of its namesake, a 21-year-old Wareham man who was murdered in 2009, the Foundation’s stated aim is to “stop the violence” by highlighting outstanding youth.

“[Caiden] stands out as a compassionate peer that is often noticed helping others,” read a Wareham Middle School press release. “Caiden is respectful and is always willing to support his teachers in anything that needs to be done. He has a positive attitude and strives to be the best person he can be. We are very proud to have a Viking Strong student that is responsible, respectful and thoughtful at WMS!”