Wareham police officer exposed to fentanyl at scene of overdose

Feb 24, 2019

An opioid overdose on Feb. 23 sent three people to the hospital, including a Wareham police officer who was exposed to the drug at the scene.

According to Wareham police, an officer was the first on scene to a reported overdose on Saturday evening. At the scene, the officer found a man unresponsive, and another man attempting to treat the unresponsive man.

The officer administered Narcan to a man who was unresponsive, but the officer began to feel dizzy and disoriented. Police believe the officer was exposed to airborne particles of the powerful synthetic opioid fentanyl at the scene.

The officer and two others were sent to Tobey Hospital for treatment. The officer was released.

The incident was the third overdose call emergency crews responded to on Feb. 23.