Wareham resident makes art for quarantine

Apr 27, 2020

Paul Duffy, a software engineer and Wareham resident, has been working from home during the pandemic.

And in his free time, he’s been making art about the experience.

Duffy began drawing last summer. Although he has long been interested in art, and makes icons and some other digital drawings for his work with software, he had never spent much time making art for himself.

“I’ve drawn and had some interest in art through the years, but I hadn’t done too much with it,” Duffy said.

He began making drawings for himself after finding a program he uses to draw on a tablet with a stylus.

Duffy’s drawings often reference scientific diagrams and illustrations with a humorous twist. 

One of his recent drawings shows shopping carts in a slight jumble following the “one way” signs that have recently popped up in most supermarkets.

Another two-panel comic shows Duffy’s new commute: opening a laptop at home.

Duffy said he was inspired to make coronavirus art after seeing some virus drawings online, and he frequently adds new work to his website.

Some of his newest works include deserted parking lots, offices, and schools, along with a wine bottle labeled “Clorox” in what first appears to be a fairly traditional still life.

Duffy also has a large body of non-coronavirus inspired drawings, including a series on the sun and moon and another riffing on the clickbait ads about various bodily ailments.

Duffy’s work was recently featured by the Marion Art Center as part of their virtual gallery — his first digital exhibition.

To see more of Duffy’s work, go to https://hapax.bitbucket.io/gallery/index.html.