Wareham Selectmen hear requests for $825,000 grant application

Feb 19, 2019

Assistance for several public services are among the top requests in this year’s $825,000 Community Development Block Grant application.

Community and Economic Development Authority Manager Peter Sanborn presented these requests to Selectmen on Tuesday night, which came directly from the Redevelopment Authority and Director of Planning and Community Development Ken Buckland.

A federal program, the Community Development Block Grant awards money to communities for affordable housing projects, infrastructure development and programs for low-income residents. The funds are administered through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

So far, Sanborn said the application will request funds for five public social services alongside several other programs. These services include the Wareham Boys & Girls club, Gatra, Damien's Place Food Pantry, Reading Partners and the Wareham Area Committee on the Homeless and Turning Point.

$165,000 would be split between these services, Sanborn said.

An additional request to use Community Development Block Grant money for roof replacements at Redwood Park was also made.

$250,000 of last year’s $825,000 grant went toward the community-run housing for low-income elderly and disabled residents for units in need of repair.

These year’s request would finish the project, Sanborn said, putting new roofs on five housing units.

Selectmen will have until midnight on March 8 to submit their Community Development Block grant application to the state.