Wareham Youth Soccer Club hustles with high school team

Sep 14, 2018

Sixth grade members of the Wareham Youth Soccer Club matched their high school counterparts step for step during a combined clinic and practice on Friday, Sept. 14.

Organized by girls soccer coach Megan Kashner and youth coach Barry Pomerleau the program is designed to help bridge the gap between more experienced players and their young successors on the field.

“A lot of my girls started in the youth soccer program and a few of them even referee games now,” Kashner said. “I think it’s important for these two teams to learn and grow together. It makes them better players.”

Each sixth grader was paired up with a high school buddy for the clinic to practice their footwork and skills such as dribbling and passing.

“The high school girls are pretty cool,” said Pomerleau. “They know exactly how to work with our kids.”

The two teams also had a chance to compete against each other with practice games designed by Kashner. To even out the playing field, varsity members were only allowed to use either their left or right foot.

“It’s a lot of fun to watch the way they play,” she said.

Kashner and Pomerleau met while coaching youth soccer in the spring. A newcomer to the sport, Pomerleau said he relied on Kashner to show him the ropes.

“We put together a team that played extremely hard,” he said. “Coach Kash is phenomenal at what she does.”

The high schools girls will square off next against Seekonk on Monday, Sept. 17.