Wayfinding signs planned for Tobey’s new emergency center

Nov 9, 2021

The expansion of the emergency center at Tobey Hospital is set to be complete early in 2022.

In preparation for the new center’s opening, a number of Southcoast Health officials met with the Select Board on Nov. 9 to discuss the placement of wayfinding signs.

The entrance to the emergency center will change after the expansion is complete. The center will be accessible only from the Main Street side of the hospital campus, with the entrance roughly facing the Narrows Bridge.

Per Massachusetts law, hospitals are required to place numerous signs around the campus directing people to the emergency room. In accordance with that law, the officials brought forward a plan for ten wayfinding signs to be located along roadways and crosswalks, in addition to the main signs marking the center’s entrances.

For example, wayfinding signs will be located at Center Street’s intersections with Main Street and High Street, as well as Cedar Street’s intersections with those same roads.
The board unanimously approved the plan.