Woods Hole Group to study climate change impacts on Wareham

Officials seek public input on neighborhoods
Dec 19, 2018

The Town of Wareham has contracted the Woods Hole Group to complete a Climate Change Flood Vulnerability Assessment project by June 30, 2019.

The goals of this project are to provide data on future flooding scenarios due to climate change and identify potential sea level rise impacts to Wareham’s natural resources.

According to Town Planner Ken Buckland, the results of this study will help to prioritize investments in adaptation strategies and produce high-quality maps and graphics that can be used by both town officials and residents.

The project will focus on two modeled out-years for 2030 and 2070 to predict potential sea-level rise and storm surge flood effects.

To address impacts to the population, the entire town will be evaluated on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis.

Woods Hole Group will then summarize the risk to developed residential parcels within each neighborhood.

A full copy of the technical memo can be downloaded from this article.

Anyone with knowledge of the listed neighborhoods interested in contributing to the study should contact Buckland at 508-291-3100 ext: 6501 or kbuckland@wareham.ma.us.