Young Vikings team falls against Dighton-Rehoboth

Jan 27, 2022

It was a game of learning for the Vikings girls basketball team as they lost 55-15 to Dighton-Rehoboth on Jan. 27.

Although it was a loss for Wareham, Head Coach Kyle Erha said he’s beginning to see some major developments in his young squad. 

“We are almost exclusively tenth grade and below,” he said. “It is younger than young.”

Typically a team that struggles to start off games, the Vikings managed to end the first half down 30-15.

“This first half was a good one for us,” Erha said. “To be within 15 against a really good team, that’s something new for us.”

While the first half ended strong for the Vikings, the momentum stalled as Wareham was held scoreless in the second half.

The Vikings had chances throughout the match, but the bounces were never in Wareham’s favor.

“That’s just basketball for you,” Erha said.

The bulk of the problems came through turnovers from blocked pass attempts.

“We struggle as a passing team and D-R plays a more aggressive zone they can take advantage of,” Erha said. “We see that aggressiveness and we tend to internalize and turn away before we fail — and we’re trying to get through that.”

Despite the loss, the coach said he was very happy with the effort his girls put in, especially for those who had already played in the junior varsity game earlier in the afternoon. 

“These girls really put in the work,” he said.

The Vikings next play against Somerset Berkley on Jan. 31.