'Wreckless Hobbies' puts RC fans in the driver's seat

Apr 2, 2017

At Wreckless Hobbies, everything from high-flying drones to radio-controlled trucks that eat boulders for breakfast are for sale.

And though the new shop has something for everyone, from those just joining the burgeoning world of high-tech toys to seasoned pros, its owner Shawn Raymond has a playfully-minded mission.

“When people walk in here a lot of them get a big smile on their face just looking around, I love that,” said Raymond. “It’s a great hobby for bringing families together and for anyone wanting to get outside and away from stress.”

In fact, spending more time with his own growing family was a driving factor for Raymond when he opened Wreckless Hobbies, located at 3147 Cranberry Highway, in March. A Wareham resident for the past 10 years, Raymond and his wife have a 2-month old son and a 6-year-old daughter.

Raymond, who was involved in the hobby since he was a child, previously worked as a truck driver. But the long hours on the road away from home took a toll. He saw opening Wreckless Hobbies as an opportunity to watch his children grow up, while providing others with a helpful, local place to go for radio-controlled gear.

Walk into the shop, take a look around, and it’s hard not to get excited if you’re young or young at heart.

Radio-controlled cars line the walls, sturdy “rock-crawlers” with oversized tires wait to get their tires muddied, sea worthy model boats and speedy racing drones are all on display.

Raymond notes that a lot has changed for radio-controlled enthusiasts the past few years. Batteries are powerful and last longer than ever, people are coming together to race on specially made outdoor tracks and the vehicles themselves are tougher and more sophisticated.

“They have just about everything a regular car has – transmission, shocks, motor – the only thing missing is brake pads,” said Raymond.

In addition to sales, Raymond provides repair service. A small workshop is located behind the main desk and customers are welcome to drop off banged up vehicles. Raymond said part of the hobby’s fun is learning to take a beat up vehicle and bring it back to life. To that end, he’s glad to offer tips or show customers how to make repairs. He has plans to hold workshops in the future for customers.

So far, the word has been getting out about the store across the South Coast. According to Raymond, one customer took to Facebook to leave the following review: “Great place only problem I have is they keep taking my money like a kid in the candy store... best rc store on the south shore.”

Wreckless Hobbies is open Monday through Sunday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. For more information, visit the store’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/wrecklesshobbies.