Wareham Selectmen outline goals for the year

May 24, 2017

Increasing foot traffic in Wareham and Onset Villages, organizing town records and pushing for a commuter rail stop are some of the items on the Selectmen's agenda this year.

Soon after being elected as the board’s chair last month, Peter Teitelbaum asked all Selectmen to develop goals they’d like to work toward. On Tuesday, members shared some of their answers.

Selectman Alan Slavin noted that he’d continue to make transportation issues in general, and finding a site for a bus stop on Merchants Way in particular, his pet project.

Additionally, he’ll work closely with Planning Department officials on developing a new master plan for Wareham. The document outlines recreation, commercial and residential goals over a 10-year period.

Selectman Anthony Scarsciotti said he would make increasing foot traffic in Onset Village and downtown Wareham a priority. Scarsciotti said he’s already had conversations with some business owners in those areas.

For Selectman Patrick Tropeano, bringing equity to the town’s sewer rates is a goal.

“I’ll make that happen this year if it kills me,” said Tropeano. “And it may kill me.”

Selectman Judith Whiteside said she’ll be organizing town records for easier access.

As for Teitelbaum’s goals? He declined to name any, instead telling his fellow board members, “you guys are my project.”