Bakery sprinkles colorful cake creations through Wareham

Jul 7, 2017

Julie Driscoll is an artist, and she uses cake as her canvas and shockingly bright frosting as her paint. Her works of art have names like zesty lemon, maple walnut and red velvet.

Driscoll is the owner of Cape Cod Cakes, a bakery located at 3147 Cranberry Hwy. Cape Cod Cakes opened its doors in Wareham more than a year ago and since then, business has been booming.

Driscoll began Cape Cod Cakes 15 years ago, but it has been in several locations since its inception. Driscoll moved her family to Wareham last year to run her business here after her store in Yarmouth closed.

Driscoll, a self-taught baker, began selling baked goods from her home to bed and breakfasts 20 years ago. She sold pastries and muffins as a small home business. Then, she made only wedding cakes for years. Now that she has found her passion and style, she said she likes making the most colorful creations possible.

Cape Cod Cakes receives around 30 cake orders each week for birthdays, weddings and other special events. People can also come in to get cakes, cupcakes and cookies that are made daily and ready to go at any time.

“I’m here all the time, especially at this time of year,” Driscoll said. She estimated that she works 70 to 80 hours a week during the busy summer season.

Though the work can be stressful, Driscoll said it is still rewarding after all these years in the baking business.

“Every time you’re doing a cake it’s different,” Driscoll said. “But it’s all to help people celebrate life’s moments.”

Susan Grebber, a Wareham resident and fan of Cape Cod Cakes, said she fell in love with the bakery because it is so “quaint.” The shop is decorated with bright colors, whimsical teapots and baked goods in every corner.

Grebber said she appreciates going to Cape Cod Cakes for a sugar fix because Driscoll is so “personable” and all the treats are homemade. Grebber said the cupcakes, though “they’ve got to be about 1,000 calories” are delicious. The most popular cupcake with customers is marble with chocolate ganache filling and buttercream frosting, Driscoll said, but Grebber recommended the peanut butter cupcake, her personal favorite.

Driscoll employs only her daughter and one other woman at the bakery. Her daughter, Hayley Driscoll, is 20 and has worked with her mother for two years.

“She’s very creative, so she does a lot of the design work,” Driscoll said. “She happened to be very artistic.”

Driscoll said she works well with her daughter because they are “like the same person.”

In an effort to reach out to the community and share her “cool art” with more people, Driscoll has been offering cake decorating classes once or twice a month in the shop. She has taught classes on how to make gift box cakes, flower cakes and unicorn cakes. She also teaches classes designed for children. The next class will be held in August and details will be posted on Cape Cod Cakes’ Facebook page.

“There’s a lot of interest in Wareham for cake decorating,” Driscoll said. She said the classes provide a fun night out while helping people gain a new skill.

For more information on Cape Cod Cakes, or to place an order, visit or call 508-759-1659.