New seminar series focused on educating patients

Oct 1, 2017

When it comes to health, education is key, and new Southcoast Health initiative has physicians speaking on a range of issues in an effort to reach patients.

On Saturday, three cardiologists presented a free patient seminar on atrial fibrillation that included causes and treatment options for the heart condition. They addressed a crowd of 40 in the Wareham Free Library.

The event marked the third one held over the past year, said Donna Samagaio of Southcoast Health.

“We wanted to offer people the information and an opportunity to ask questions in a relaxed atmosphere,” she said.

Southcoast Arrhythmia Services Medical Director Dr. Ramin Davoudi noted that getting patients together outside of the hospital helps generate discussion.

“When its you one-on-one in the doctor’s office it can be stressful and sometimes patients don’t know what questions to ask,” said Davoudi. “This provides people facing similar issues an open forum.”

The talk started with an overview of atrial fibrillation, a condition that results when the heart isn’t pumping properly. Causes include age, alcohol use, high blood pressure, sleep apnea and others.

Davoudi explained that symptoms may include shortness of breath, racing heart, fatigue and in some cases no symptoms at all.

The disease puts sufferers at a higher risk for stroke, Davoudi explained. Treatment options include blood thinners or a procedure that reduces the risk of blood clots from forming in the heart.

Samagaio noted that future patient seminars on a wide range of topics are forthcoming and will be announced in the future.

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