Old Town Hall building authorized for sale

Oct 24, 2017

The old Town Hall on 505 Main St., now in use by Wareham Community Television, has been authorized for sale after a vote at the Town Meeting on Monday.

The building is in the historic district, so it is protected by the regulations and restrictions that go along with that, said Selectmen Chair Peter Teitelbaum. The town also currently has a 10-year lease with the current tenant of the building, WCTV, which would be maintained.

“Whoever would purchase it could not convey it to anyone else, it could only be returned to the town,” Town Administrator Derek Sullivan explained.

Funds from the sale will be put in the town’s sale of real estate fund.

Steve Ruiz, WCTV's director, previously said he hopes his group will be the highest bidder on the property. WCTV hopes to put a 1,800 square-foot addition on the building. No taxpayer money will be used to build the addition, as all the funds will come from Wareham Community Television.