Pennies add up for group taking a swing at helping Boys & Girls Club

Nov 8, 2017

Golf balls, 10 cents a ball.

It might not seem like much, but for a group of men who play golf at Bay Pointe, collecting the golf balls to raise money for the Boys & Girls Club has had a big impact.

Every year, Stephen Rogers, Jack Coughlan and Neil Collins find up to 5,000 lost golf balls at the Bay Pointe course. They clean off the balls, box them up and sell them, making 10 cents for every ball.

Ken Fontes, the director of the Boys & Girls Club, said the money has been used to buy basketball hoops and other sporting equipment for the club, as well as arts and crafts supplies.

This year, the group raised $300 for the club in what Fontes said is the most creative way of raising donations for the club he has seen.

“Every little penny helps,” Fontes said.

The club, open during the school year on weekdays from 2 to 6 p.m., is always accepting donations of art supplies, since those get used up quickly, and Wii and PlayStation games for kids.

The Wareham Boys & Girls Club has activities for members after school, from homework help to sports activities, a robotics club, newsletter club and garden club.

To donate, contact Fontes at